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The Oliv' range

Adopted by aesthetic professionals, the beneficial ingredients of OLIV’ include both Olive tree and Aloe Vera leaves, shea butter, apricot based vegetable oils, hazelnut, raspberry seed... These ingredients have been chosen for their nourishing, regenerating and soothing properties with the aim of creating a moisturizing* and antioxydizing product which reveals the natural beauty of your skin. *moisturizes the upper skin layers.

The Winter Wellness Diet - 17

So far we’ve talked about what your body needs and how to get more of it. Now is the
time to switch gears and talk about what your body doesn’t need and what to consume
less of. The next 3 sections will probably blend together. Hopefully like the micronutrients
section, by the end of it you will have the point beaten permanently into your
FAT. It’s the #1 enemy to health and maintaining a healthy weight. It stores toxins, puts
an excess load on your system, makes your organs work harder which ages you
quicker and leaves you more susceptible to sickness and disease. That was a mouthful
right? So is fat. Our bodies are very efficient at storing fat as I just went over.
Unfortunately, this also means that our bodies are efficient at storing toxins too.
Cooking, especially the way we cook in the West changes the chemical structures of the
fat. High heat damages these fragile oils and changes them into trans fats, high in free
radicals which tear our body apart on a cellular level. In addition, many processed
foods contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils to help preserve them. These
oils are toxic to our bodies as well.
Fat is not inherently bad though. In fact we need it to be healthy, but only in small
amounts. The food that nature provides us with is not very high in fat. Therefore, why
would a high fat diet be good for us? Only in an extreme environment where the basic
rules of survival don’t apply like the Inuit are faced with in the Arctic. I went over the
basics of fat earlier. Just to recap, we need all types of fat but our primary goal for
losing weight and getting healthier will be to begin correcting the imbalance of omega 3
fatty acids in relation to omega 6 fatty acids.
Fat is used to build new cells in addition to being a source of energy. Once again, with
your best interests at heart, I will give you the relevant information to take action. There
are plenty of books and articles out there that can give you the full rundown on fat. To
be honest, I’ve already given you more useful information on fat than most of those
books ever will.
Omega 3 fatty acids are some of the most important parts of our diets. Why? Well the
30-60 trillion cells that our body is made of all need Omega 3 fatty acids. They help to
line the cell walls during cell construction which makes the membrane more permeable
and able to receive the proper nutrients. (24)Additionally, your brain is mostly fat, 60%
comprising of DHA, an essential Omega 3 fatty acid. If your diet doesn’t contain
enough, then you have tens of trillions of cells that are unhealthy and unable to operate
at full capacity. The amount of essential fatty acids our body needs to build healthy cells
and maintain normal functioning is relatively small to the tune of a couple grams of fat
each day.
A quick aside. Given you now know that the brain is about 60% DHA, which is an
Omega 3 essential fatty acid consider this: A pregnant woman (while nursing also) not
only has to nourish her brain, but that of a growing baby inside her. Therefore, I
HIGHLY recommend that if you or anyone you know is ever pregnant to advise them of
Omega 3 supplementation. The most concentrated source of safe DHA is a purified fish
oil. OK, back to business.
Some organs like your skin replace cells every few days. Others, like your liver or
bones may take a few months to a year. This means that all those times you got
motivated and cleaned up your diet for a month or two didn’t really do much for your
whole-body health. Of course, doing something is better than doing nothing, but to think
that a month or two of “better” eating really made that much difference is likely incorrect.
That’s why getting healthy and losing weight is truly a lifestyle change. To change your
body significantly, you need to change your life. A year from now the cells in your body
will be completely different ones than today. It’s your choice: Do you want those cells to
be healthy ones or unhealthy ones?
So yes, fat is essential, but in fact we need very little of it compared with other nutrients.
I will go into it more later, but a low fat diet with exercise encourages even more fat loss
because of the way our body utilizes fat for energy. Remember what you’ve learned
about it so far: It contains 9 calories per gram. We need essential fatty acids to build a
brand new body, but only in modest amounts. Our bodies are very efficient at storing
fat, and thus storing toxins.

The Winter Wellness Diet - 16

I could just tell you that in order to get healthy and lose weight eat less fat and refined
foods. Yea, that makes sense, but I want to take a moment to explain how your
metabolism actually works. Once again, it’s more important you know why to make
changes over what changes to make. The motivation must come from an emotional
response within yourself. Being told what to do by others will not take you as far as
telling yourself with conviction.
(14)The Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations wrote a very nice and
descriptive article explaining the basics of how food is metabolized and in what order.
Here is how it works:
Alcohol is burned first because we don’t store it and it’s energy intensive to convert it to
fat. Amino acids are next because we don’t store those either. Next we utilize the
carbohydrates because we can only store a very small amount of those in our liver and
muscle. The conversion of carbohydrate into fat is energetically expensive (your body
doesn’t want to do this). Lastly, fat is burned, utilized or likely stored as it is very easily
stored at 96-98% efficiency. In other words, 96-98 calories of fat for every 100
consumed can be easily stored .
Reference that last paragraph as many times as you need to for continuous motivation.
For as many times throughout the day as we are subjected to eating fat, it’s no wonder
Americans and those eating the Western diet are overweight and unhealthy.
Let me break it down for you real quick. In an ideal world, our body would prefer that
we consume little alcohol, not too much protein, mostly carbs and a little fat. Carbs and
fat are what our body can store which is why alcohol and protein are burned first. Little
tip: don’t eat a lot if you’re drinking, especially high fat foods.
Carbohydrates (glucose) are what our body utilizes for energy. Excess carbs are
converted to fat and stored in fat tissue. The conversion takes a bit of energy, and only
around 2/3 of the original carbohydrate calories are stored as fat. Fat on the other hand
is so easy for our body to store that it utilizes fat last. If our body needs to access fat for
energy, remember that it converts it to glycogen in the liver to be released into the blood
as glucose.
One more thing which I will go over after the next section is the utilization of amino
acids. They were second in line for being utilized for digestion because our body can’t
store them. However, our body “utilizing” them implies that they’ve been digested. In
the case of meat and some dairy products that are body doesn’t digest efficiently, we
don’t utilize what we can’t digest. Therefore, our body will use what amino acids are
available to us and move on to carbohydrates next. This leaves partially digested meat
sitting in our systems, slowly making its way through. Maybe this is why colon cancers
are so common...

The Winter Wellness Diet - 15

Does anyone else remember Jack LaLane in the 80’s and 90’s blasting the airwaves
with his juicers and talking about how great it is for you health? Just because we don’t
see the infomercials anymore doesn’t mean that juicing isn’t good for us. In fact, juicing
is the old fad that can be the start of a new you.
Juicing is not rocket science. Basically, there are two types of machines: one that has a
high speed blade that shreds the fruit or vegetable into tiny particles and then “spins”
them around at a high speed to extract the juice. The other kind of juicers shred bigger
pieces from the food and then use a slower “press the juice out” type of method.
When it comes to buying a juicer I don’t think it’s a big deal which kind you go with.
There are many different price tiers from $40-$400. I don’t advocate anything in
particular. When it comes to getting healthy quicker and losing more weight, my
feelings are to spend more money on good food and whole food supplements. I
personally use an $80 juicer that I got for $35 on a heck of a deal from Marshall’s or
Kohl’s(I remember the price more so than where I bought it). It extracts a lot of juice, is
pretty easy to clean and I use it probably 5 times a week. One important thing to
consider when juicing food is that oxygen is the enemy. Vitamins are sensitive to air
and the juice loses some of its nutritional value when exposed to air after a few minutes,
so drinking the juice right away after you make it is important for maximum benefit.
So why juice? Juicing is so important with the WWD because it helps you get more
nutrients. If our goal is to get you more nutrients so your body can repair, detoxify and
drop fat then juicing is an integral part of the solution. Why not take vitamins then if the
goal is to get more nutrients? Like I said before, I do take a daily effervescent multivitamin,
BUT the goal is to get more nutrients. As previously revealed, we don’t know
how many nutrients are in plants that we don’t even know about. When it comes to
taking a vitamin made in a lab you are losing out on all those phytochemicals that are so
important to your health.
Try eating a pound of carrots, 6 stalks of celery, a cucumber and a whole grapefruit in
one sitting. Yea, it can be done but that is a tall task. In addition it will make you full for
quite a while and take a lot of time to eat that much. Lastly, if you made a meal out of
food like that, you would get tons of vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients but not
much in the form of protein or the essential fatty acids. That’s why juicing is essential to
this diet. You get more micro-nutrients while still having room in your stomach to get the
necessary macro-nutrients.
I specifically use this kind of juicing method for myself to stay healthy and have tons of
energy. If eating fresh, nutrient-dense food is good, eating fresh, nutrient-dense food
with the extra concentrated nutrient addition of juice is better! If you are reading this
book without the desire to lose weight, but simply to become healthier and reduce your
risk of cancer and disease, juicing is a powerful solution.
There’s another way of juicing to achieve fast and healthy weight loss. It is how I juice if
I am cleansing or detoxifying which is precisely what you can do when trying to lose
weight. Since you can consume many more nutrients in liquid form than eating them,
it’s a great opportunity to pump your body full of these cleansing, body repairing
wonders. Fresh juice along with a super shakes and super smoothies can get you
through most of your day without consuming many calories which will help you melt the
fat off your body, detoxify and stay healthy even when those around you get sick.
Essentially what juicing does is give you the water and nutrients while removing the bulk
matter which largely consists of fiber. Typically, the first objection to juicing is, “I
thought that fiber was good and necessary, so why juice and strip all that fiber away?
Simply put, the nutrients are more necessary than the fiber. You generally need fiber to
help push the bulk matter through, but with juicing you are ingesting liquid nutrition that
doesn’t really need digesting. Juicing is like taking the best the plant has to offer and
injecting it straight into your blood stream. This gives those valuable nutrients the best
chance to get to organs quickly where they can begin the repair process to set things
Additionally, you can juice parts of food that you wouldn’t typically eat. (11)For instance,
there are cancer fighting compounds that were recently discovered in the skin of
grapefruit. I don’t know anyone who eats the skins of grapefruit, oranges or other citrus
fruits. There are possible tens of thousands of compounds in edible foods that we
haven’t even discovered yet. Who knows what kind of nutritional bounty you’re
ingesting when you juice your favorite foods skin and all.
To summarize, juicing fruits and vegetables can provide you with valuable nutrients in
higher quantities than you would normally be able to consume. It will be one of the
most important elements of you losing weight faster and safer than with traditional diets.
Juicing will help you detoxify faster and build your strength for a life-long battle against
carcinogenic chemicals that exist in every part of the world we live in.